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Standing strong for all Coloradans.

Fighting for the vulnerable and forgotten.

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Meet Rep Ambile
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Proven Progress, Leadership & Pragmatism

Rep. Judy Amabile will continue the strong tradition of District 18 leadership in the State Senate. In two House terms, she has brought effective solutions to bear on issues like mental health care, gun safety, climate action, environmental protection, reproductive rights, the economy, criminal justice reforms, housing, education, and more. She has achieved significant progress on issues impacting Colorado's most vulnerable and forgotten residents, including incarcerated people, and those suffering from serious mental illnesses. 

Throughout her service in the House, Rep. Amabile has built a reputation for hard work, pragmatism, and coalition building. She has earned the esteem of her peers, the appreciation of her constituents, and the respect of people on all sides of the issues. As a business owner, mother, and community activist, she is strong on the issues and skilled at bringing people together. As the next State Senator in District 18, Judy Amabile will continue to deliver tangible results and build bridges to the future we want for Colorado. 

"I’m proud to endorse my friend Judy Amabile for the Colorado State Senate. Her work ethic, progressive values, and the work she’s done for our community in the Colorado House make clear that she will be an outstanding State Senator. As our state and community face complex challenges, I’m confident Judy’s thoughtful insights and experience will serve us well, which is why I’m excited to support her campaign."
"Since Judy was elected in 2020, I have been consistently impressed by her work ethic, wisdom, and dedication. She has been extremely effective in driving progress on the issues that matter most to her constituents and all Coloradans. We need Judy's continued leadership in the Senate and I am proud to support her campaign."
“Judy is the right person to serve as the next state Senator from District 18. With hard work, strategic vision, and skilled pragmatism, Judy has earned the respect of her colleagues in the State Capitol and has shown herself to be a leader who gets things done. I am confident that Judy will continue to deliver for the people of Boulder and for Colorado in the Senate, and I am proud to endorse her.”
"Judy is an exceptional leader and demonstrates a strong commitment to working with her constituents and representing their diverse interests. She has done outstanding work in the House on issues that matter to all Coloradans, like climate action, gun safety, and mental health care. I am proud to endorse her. "


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