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The Work

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As your Senator in District 18, I will extend the Boulder-Superior-Louisville region's history of bold, progressive leadership at the State Capitol. Nothing less will do.
Steve Fenberg, Rollie Heath, Dorothy Rupert and others have set a high bar. Like them, I am committed to doing the hard work of building bridges to the future we want for Colorado.


Over the last four years in the Colorado Assembly, I have worked hard to respond to Colorado's most pressing needs, while also bringing progressive ideas to move our state forward. I've championed smart, bi-partisan legislation addressing mental health resources, gun safety, climate action, reproductive rights, LGTBQ rights, election safeguards, economic opportunity, and criminal justice reform.

I am proud of my work on issues impacting Colorado's most vulnerable and forgotten residents, including incarcerated people and those suffering from serious mental illness.


Click the issues below for examples of my work in these areas.

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